What Does a Quality Hot Tub Cost in Manitoba?

We get it. Shopping for a hot tub in Manitoba can be daunting. The 5-6 person tub at the big box store is $5k. Somewhere else a tub is $10k. Another place is $15k. What’s the difference?

Here’s the real deal.

For a QUALITY tub, you’re looking at least $8-12k. Meaning, one that will last 10+ years, has a good warranty, reliable parts service etc. There will ALWAYS be cheaper tubs out there, but usually you get what you pay for. The main differences in price in the ones we carry are jet power, size, features like lights/fountains and whether they are self-cleaning or not.

On the Hydropool side there are two lines – Serenity and Self-Cleaning.

The Serenity is a very good tub, definitely an upgrade from some of the cheap-o models and a great value for the money and what you get. For most situations I’d probably look at the 5900 or 6800 because they have two jet pumps for a really good massage.

The Self-Cleaning is more luxurious with an upgraded cabinet, ice bucket, pressurized filter system and of course, self-cleaning technology. You also have the option of getting a “Platinum” model instead of a Gold, meaning it has an extra jet pump, more jets throughout and bigger jets for a really great therapeutic massage.

For self-cleans I’d look at the 670 or 695 to start with and possibly move up to the 770 if you need more space. 

You can see all the available hot tubs here: https://myurbanlife.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/HPBrochure.pdf

The Bullfrog line is very unique and some of the best tubs ever made (although a bit pricier – to me it’s worth it).

They allow for a LOT of customization with the jetpack model. Basically what it allows you to do is pick which jets go in which seats using removable “jet packs” that can be swapped out and switched around to your heart’s content.

The other big benefit is that Bullfrog uses 90% less plumbing than other hot tubs because of this jetpack system. Meaning, there are fewer points of leakage and higher pump efficiency with fewer water lines, meaning you get way more massage power. You also get more insulation that way, so we are a big believer in it.

The other really cool thing they’re doing is they’ve changed their production system vs other hot tub manufacturers so that we can actually customize your tub any way you like and still get it in a reasonable time frame!

Most manufacturers are AT LEAST 12 months out with custom orders, so usually you’re stuck taking something already on order.

The big differences between the A series and the R series is that the A allows for more customization of the massage experience with more jetpacks. But it’s also an all-around upgraded experience with better lighting, fountains and an upgraded cabinet.

The jetpacks also match the acrylic for a complete look. The R has only a few seats with jetpacks but you still get the Bullfrog experience. 

I’d check out the A6: https://www.bullfrogspas.com/spas/a-series-hot-tubs/a6/

Or the R6 here: https://www.bullfrogspas.com/spas/r-series-hot-tubs/r6/