Hot Tub Freezing Prevention in Manitoba

If you have any questions or concerns about your hot tub during the cold winter months, please call the store at 204-320-2525 or email us at service@myurbanlife.ca

At this moment we do not have a 24/7 emergency service line. However, by following this simple guide, you can prevent major damage until we can do repairs.

Freezing Prevention

As we enter the cold winter months in Manitoba, power outages and hot tub failures can be catastrophic if not dealt with correctly. Here’s what to do if your hot tub isn’t working in freezing temperatures.

First, DON’T PANIC. It takes a long time for your tub to freeze.

If the heater has failed and you have power to the tub and can circulate the water, leave the pump running continuously to circulate the water. This will prevent freezing.

If your tub is not circulating, you can place a small electric space heater inside the cabinet to prevent freezing in the smaller pipes and spaces in your tub.

If you do not have a space heater, this is a good investment since it can save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in damage for less than $50. Every responsible hot tub owner should own one.

WARNING: Do not place space heater near any plumbing lines or wires. Overheating can melt or warp plastic! We will not be responsible for any damage caused by this method.

Watch this video walkthrough to save your hot tub