Don’t fall for these hot tub sales tactics

If you’ve been shopping around for a hot tub in Manitoba, you’ll see a lot of different sales tactics out there.

But let me be real about hot tub pricing for a second.

There are all kinds of goofy sales tactics I could use like a lot of the other folks out there.

Stuff like “GET $8000 OFF” and “TUBS FROM $3000!” and other gimmicks.

But most of that stuff is designed to get you in the door.

What they don’t tell you is that the $3000 tub is a super old used one that they only have one of.

What they don’t tell you is they inflated their prices so high to make the discount seem bigger.

I’d prefer to be honest about the deal you’re getting.

For a GOOD QUALITY TUB, one that will last 10+ years, comes with a good warranty, is made in Canada and insulated for our climate, you’re looking at at least $7-11k,

There’s no way around it. You get what you pay for.

What’s special about our sale is that we’d love to put you in a tub that has more features, better massage therapy and easy, reliable service than you’d normally be able to get for your money.

Not gimmicky sales tactics. Real VALUE for your hard-earned money.