What is a Self-Cleaning hot tub?

You might have seen the term “self-cleaning” hot tub around lately, but it may not be obvious what that means.

Most picture something like a self-cleaning oven, and if you’ve every had one of those, it doesn’t really seem to do anything. 

This is a lot different than that, and we’re the only ones in Manitoba that have it. 

If you’d like an explanation of what a self-cleaning hot tub is, read on. 

Or if you’ve rather check out a short video explaining it, you can head to this video on our Facebook page here: facebook.com/urbanlifesteinbach/videos/482540709276282 

Basically, Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning technology is an advanced filtration system 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. During the filtration cycle, the jets send all the surface dirt and debris towards the skimmer and pre-filter basket 
  2. The floor vacuum sucks up any dirt and debris on the floor of the tub 
  3. Then all the dirt gets pumped through the pressurized filter 

The beauty of this system is that because it’s pressurized, the filtration cycle can go through 100% of the water in only 15 minutes, meaning you have cleaner, better filtered water much faster than most conventional hot tubs. 

You also have the benefit of not having to worry about constantly cleaning your hot tub. Just some weekly filter maintenance is usually enough. 

When you pair that up with a UV/Ozone system that can kill 80% of bacteria in the water, you’ve got a “nearly” maintenance free hot tub. 

Hope that helps explains it. Of course, if you have any questions about that please contact us at showroom@myurbanlife.ca