Where is the best place to put a hot tub?

This is a very important question, and if you’ve never had a hot tub before you may not know where to actually put one. And in Manitoba, we have certain climate challenges as well.

A typical tub can be around 3000-4000 lbs when full of water and people, so it’s important to get this step right. But it’s not as complicated as you might think.

So here’s a rundown of common placement options.

Or if you’ve rather check out a short video explaining it, you can head to this video on our Facebook page here: facebook.com/urbanlifesteinbach/videos/1357640204408463

  1. Concrete pad – by far this the best and strongest place to put a hot tub. Typically a concrete pad 5-6 inches deep will hold the weight of a full hot tub plus people. You won’t be as open to ground shift and will be stable and level for years to come.
  2. Packed gravel – packed gravel will also be suitable, as long as it’s about 6 inches deep.
  3. Packed gravel with patio stones – similar to packed gravel, you can place patio stones for a more finished look
  4. EZ Pad – we sell a composite platform called EZ Pads and we’re only of the only ones in Manitoba who carry them. Just level your ground, place your pad and soak away!
  5. Patio stones – while you do leave yourself open to ground shift and uneven placement, many of our customers put their tubs on patio stones. We don’t recommend this option, but in a pinch, we’ve seen a lot of people do this.
  6. Reinforced deck or platform on the ground – Many of our customers places their tubs on low decks sitting directly on the ground. This is a great option. Another option is to place it on a reinforced raised deck. If you’re not sure, consult an engineer or professional because we don’t want your deck to collapse under 3-4000 lbs of weight!

We definitely do not advise putting a tub directly on the ground because you can damage your components and structure because of uneven ground!

And what if you get a hot tub in the winter? No problem. Build a temporary platform for the winter so you can get the FULL benefit of a hot tub in winter, and find a more permanent spot in the spring. Or you can buy and EZ Pad that will do just fine. Just clear the snow and away you go!