How do you set up hot tub electrical?

It’s easy to get excited about owning a hot tub. But then reality sets in. How does it actually work? What does it cost? How much work do we need to do?

One of the things to think about is electrical setup.

It’s hard to predict EXACTLY what’s involved, because everyone’s home is different, but here’s the general rundown of what needs to happen.

First, you need a breaker on your electrical panel. Most house panels should be able to fit one in, but in very rare cases you’d need to upgrade your panel.

Most of our tubs require either a 40 amp or 50 amp breaker, depending on how many pumps your tub has.

The next step is to install a GFCI breaker box. This is an electrical box that sits on the side of your house (visible from the tub) that has a safety breaker to turn off the power.

In most places it’s mandatory to have this safety breaker. Normally these cost a few hundred dollars, but we always include them with a new tub to help offset your electrical cost.

So you’ll need to run wire from your panel to the GFCI.

Then from there you’ll need cable to run from the GFCI to the tub.

For most electricians, this is a very simple and easy job, and not too costly, considering you’ll get years of enjoyment out of your tub (and then if you decide to purchase another, you have the basic setup in place).

As for total cost, it really depends on but in the majority of cases it will be under $1000. If you’re not sure, make sure you get a qualified electrician to take a look at what’s needed.