How important is the number of jets in a hot tub?

It seems like one of the big buzzwords in hot tub shoppers’ minds is “jet count.” 

But how important is jet count? It might seem like a great apples to apples comparison to make between hot tubs, so it’s understandable people would ask about that. 

So here’s the deal with jet count. 

Imagine trying to find a masseuse, and you’re calling around trying to find the best one. 

You call a few and are having a hard time figuring out how to tell them apart, so you start asking what makes them special or different. 

You find out one masseuse was born with 12 fingers. Now THAT sounds interesting. 

They have 12 fingers! Sounds pretty great. 

Then every masseuse you call after, you’re asking how many fingers they have to see if they can match the amazing 12-fingered masseuse. 

But none of them can say they have 12 fingers. You have your winner! 

You show up for your first appointment, all she does is dig her fingers into your and poke you over and over again in 12 different spots! 

Sure, she had two extra fingers. 

But does it really matter? 

It’s what they DO with those fingers that matters the most, right? 

Are they expertly getting you in all the right spots? 

I know it’s a silly example, but the point of that story is to show that more isn’t always better. 

That example is exactly what shopping for a hot tub based on jet count is like. 

What’s more important than jet count? Jet placement. 

Only the top end brands consult with athletic therapists, chiropractors and other experts on jet type and placement for maximum therapy value. 

Some of the cheaper brands like to load up with jets, but not really worry about quality of jets, variety of jet types or the placement of the jets for maximum therapeutic value (different jets work different muscle groups). 

For some people, jets aren’t important at all because they don’t even like them. 

So if sitting in a tub of hot water is all that’s important to you, you can save a bit by going with something with fewer jets, pumps and isn’t as focused on massage therapy. 

But if you really want a great massage from head to toe, one that melts your body after a hard day, you’ll want to find something in the mid to high end of hot tubs. 

That’s what we specialize in, so if you have any questions about how to choose a tub for muscle therapy, just use the chat box below

Time to relax!