How to choose a swim spa/all season pool

If you start researching swim spas, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly.

There is a huge range of prices, features, swim jets and every brand out there is bragging about why they’re so special.

How do you choose the right one?

Well let’s start with the basics. What can a swim spa do?

A swim spa is great for 4 things:

1) You can swim against an adjustable current for a consistent swim every time

2) Get workouts in using fitness programs, resistance training, aquacize and more

3) Have fun and play around with the kids/grandkids

4) Use them like a giant hot tub

It’s a lot easier when you know which few things to focus on first to narrow it down.

First is what you plan on using your swim spa for. Different models are right for different situations. If you are a competitive swimmer or triathlete, you’re going to have different needs and wants than a family just looking for some backyard fun.

Next is size.

If you plan on using it for fitness, it has to be comfortable for swimming. Undersizing a swim spa because of price will hurt in the long run if you’re not comfortable and getting the maximum benefit out of your swim spa.

For example, taller folks will only be comfortable in something 16′ or longer, especially for fitness swimming.

If you are wanting a swim spa for leisure or fun with the kids, then any size will work that will fit your whole family.

The 12′ FFP is a great option for that.

To browse all the swim spas we can get, head here: http://www.myurbanlife.ca/explore-all-season-pools/