How to get rid of bio-film in your hot tub

Most hot tub folks have been getting by on their water all winter and are looking to do a drain and fill soon. We’ve had more than a few coming by in the last few weeks for filters, products to clean out plumbing and filter cleaners.

There are a lot of products out there and I’ve field tested a bunch of them.

My all-time favourite product for purging lines of biofilm and scuzz that builds up in the plumbing is Ahh-Some.

Terrible name, great product (sorry Ahh-Some. It’s true).

If you’ve done a drain and fill and find your water quality is still not great, it could be because you’ve got all this stuff caked inside the lines of your plumbing and it just refills the tub with thte same stuff.

Anyway, it comes in a little jar and you put a couple tablespoons in, run the jets and then drain the tub.

I found a video of someone demo-ing it here: Ahh-Some Bio-Cleaner Purging a 320 gallon Hot Tub

You would not believe the junk that comes out of your lines (if you have a newer tub, then it won’t be as impressive, but that’s a GOOD thing).

Before we started carrying Ahh-Some, they sent me a sample and I tried it on my own tub at home. After using it on our own tub with great results a few times,  I started to feel comfortable offering it to our clients.

We’ve gotten some great feedback on it so far.

Also, if you can’t be bothered to go through all of this, for $399 we’ll come purge, drain, clean and refill your tub for you to get it spring ready.