Can a Swim Spa Really Run All Year Long in Cold Climates?

There’s a healthy amount of skepticism around swim spas, and rightly so. It almost seems too good to be true.

People ask, “Can they REALLY run all year round?”

They think it’s some kind of gimmick.

But swim spas function mostly like a giant hot tub. They have similar insulation and equipment, although often they are suped up versions of the hot tub ones.

So yes, we have clients that swim on Christmas and they use their swim spas year-round. Others by choice or because of travel shut them down from Oct/Nov until March/April – still a way longer window of use than a traditional pool season.

We even delivered one on December 23rd last year when it was -25 out. We got it craned in and had a water truck fill it in 10 minutes. The electrician was on site so we were all good to go within a couple of hours.

And the energy efficiency is more similar to a hot tub than a pool as well as the maintenance – if you’ve had a pool before, you know what a pain it can be…

Pools are energy hogs and I was surprised to learn it actually costs more to run a pool June-Sept than it does to run a swim spa twelve months…what?!

Anyway, enough beating up on pools. I actually like pools, but to be honest, most folks don’t know what they’re getting into when they buy one.

A swim spa has a much smoother learning curve.

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