Who are the best hot tub dealers in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

At Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs, we meet hundreds of people every year who have bought hot tubs in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area and do extensive research on their experience with their hot tubs.

If you’ve been browsing our website and are on our email list then you know how we approach the hot tub buying experience, but sometimes folks ask us about other brands.

To be honest, there are a few good hot tub brands out there, and they all do something unique and well. Every hot tub and every hot tub dealer has strengths and weaknesses, so it really depends on what’s important to you.

Here are some hot tub dealers in the Winnipeg area who have been operating in the area.

1 Jacuzzi Manitoba

Jacuzzi Manitoba has been operating in Winnipeg and Brandon for years and sell Jacuzzi brand hot tubs. They sell and deliver hot tubs and swim spas

2 LCL Spas

LCL Spas operates in the Winnipeg area and sells Coast Spas. They’ve offered recreational products since 1994.

3 Oasis Pools & Spas

Focusing mainly on pools, Oasis has been selling hot tubs in the Winnipeg area too. They have a large showroom with a variety of products

4 Arctic Spas Manitoba

Arctic Spas Manitoba operates in Oak Bluff, Winkler and Brandon. Arctic Spas are perimeter foam insulated hot tubs and salt water hot tubs.

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