The Best Hot Tub For Short People – SOLVED

When you’re under 5’5, the idea of getting in a deep hot tub might be a little daunting. My wife being 5’0 presented a challenge in finding a hot tub when we were choosing one.

And I mean no offense when I say “hot tub for short people.” I haven’t found a politically correct version that makes sense other than “vertically challenged,” so understand I’m not making fun and I find most people on the shorter side refer to themselves as short anyway.

On to what makes a good hot tub for somebody under 5′ 5.

Whenever my wife was in someone else’s hot tub, she always felt like…

-She was drowning or struggling to keep above water and sit comfortably, so she’d sit on her knees or in a high up seat or step so she was mostly out the of the water


-Like she was floating out of here seat and struggling to stay in it because of how buoyant she was trying to sit on a low seat

Not a great, relaxing therapeutic experience when you’re on the short side, right?

The point of a hot tub is to be able to sit back with zero tension on your body and look up at the stars, not struggle to stay in the thing.

And she’d need a snorkel to sit in most recliner loungers.

So here’s what we chose for our own hot tub and she LOVES it. She uses the hot tub to relieve tension headaches, soothe back pain and get a powerful calf and foot massage as well.

Me being 6’2, I have seats in this tub that are heavenly for me too.

The Hydropool Self-Clean 695 is the best hot tub for short people we’ve come across.

To see why, check out this video

The Hydropool 695 has 6 seats, so it’s a good size for most families at 84×84.

Hydropool 695
Self-Cleaning 695 – 6 Seats

The upright lounger in the corner provides a heavenly back, calf and foot massage so you don’t sacrifice massage and luxury just because you aren’t as tall.

And you can keep your hair mostly out of the water as well and feel comfortable and relaxed with zero tension on your body.

No more struggling to stay in the seat.

There’s also a lot of different seat heights, so people of all heights can enjoy it.

My wife at 5’0 can sit in five of six seats comfortably.

Me at 6’2 can sit in five of six seats comfortably.

That’s a great overlap when we have over a foot of height difference between us!

To see the specs and an even more detailed walkthrough of the Hydropool 695, head here: http://www.myurbanlife.ca/hydropool-self-cleaning-695/

It’s our #1 bestseller for a reason.