The Pros and Cons of Owning a Swim Spa

Hydropool 17AX AquaTrainer

A swim spa is a big investment (although not as costly as a pool over time). And most people have never had one before. Is a swim spa right for you?

Let’s explore some of the pros & cons of owning a swim spa

Here are some of the pros of getting a swim spa

-Swim year round , even on Christmas

-Superior fitness capabilities versus a pool – you can do lap-swimming, aquacize, walk against the current, BoxFit workouts with video workouts

-Can swim at any level – beginner to competitive athlete

-Energy efficient – can run one all year on 20% of the cost of heating a pool for a few months

-Easy install – you need a concrete pad, power and a hose. Once the pad is in place, a swim spa can be installed in a couple of hours

-Simple maintenance – no algae, and Self-Clean swim spas can keep it nearly hassle-free

Here are some of the cons of getting a swim spa

-Therapy seats are not as luxurious as a hot tub

-People typically don’t keep swim spas as warm as a hot tub

-They sit above the ground, potentially blocking a nice view

-Swimming against the current takes some getting used to

-You aren’t true “lap swimming.” You can’t measure in “lengths,” but with FORM goggles, you can track your stats like heart rate, distance and speed.

Swim spas are a great product that are gaining popularity in Manitoba every year. Considering our pool season is about two months long, the ability to swim year round already makes it a more cost-effective solution over a pool.

Swim spas may not be for everyone, but for those looking to get a great workout, have some family fun and relax in therapy seats, a swim spa could be a good fit.

For a FREE Swim Spa Buyer’s Guide, head here: https://swimspa.myurbanlife.ca/