How deep are swim spas? Swim spa depth explained

In this article, we’ll look at swim spa depth and the pros and cons of different depths.

Depending on which brand you get, swim spa depths can vary between manufacturers.

While a deeper swim spa may sound like a good thing, it also depends on what you want to use it for.

Most swim spas are an average depth of 50-52″, similar to an above ground pool.

This allows for about 4′ or 48″ of water. This makes it the ideal depth for lap swimming and aquacize.

All of Hydropool’s swim spas are this depth.

Is a deeper swim spa better?

There are some brands that carry swim spas deeper than 52″, but the deepest swim spa is not always the best.

For starters, some brands boast a 60″ deep swim spa.

 But they also specify 50″ of water depth. So 10″ of that is just the shell and structure underneath the swim spa.

 That means they aren’t significantly deeper in terms of actual water depth from a 52″ swim spa that has 48″ of water depth to a 50″ water depth.

It’s only 2″ difference.

Also,  even if it were much deeper, that may not always be a good thing for certain uses.

For example, if you’re under 5’7″, this could present challenges if you’re plan on using your swim spa for fitness.

If you plan on using it for aquacize, then having your body more submerged makes it difficult to do workouts.

It would be like trying to do aquacize in the deep pool.

You need to have your feet firmly planted and not worry about floating away.

Also, children shouldn’t be cannonballing or diving into swim spas regardless of the depth, so a deeper swim spa doesn’t necessarily help there either.

There are few benefits to having a deeper swim spa than 52″, other than letting kids swim to the bottom a couple extra inches for dive toys.

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