Swim Spa Financing/Payment Plans

A swim spa can be a big chunk of change to drop all at once. So one of the most common questions we get is about payment plans on swim spas.

We do have payment plans available. It’s just a simple online application and you can pick whatever terms you want. You can put as much or as little down as you want. And there are no penalties for early payment.

So here’s what most people do…

They take a long term for the low bi-weekly payment and some flexibility and they aggressively pay it off within 5 years (there are no penalties for paying it off early).

Generally, payment plans on swim spas (as of writing this) run between $184 and $400 bi-weekly – and that’s if you did the whole amount, with a roll-up cover, taxes included. It would be significantly less if you put some money down on it.

If you have access to a line of credit or something like that from your bank, that might be another route as well and you can save a bit on interest.

Alright, enough financial talk. It’s not very exciting, is it?

What I love is seeing the look on people’s faces when we deliver their swim into their backyard and hearing their stories about how much they love it.

We have some customers who use theirs  every day, all year long! That’s some serious hydrotherapy, family fun and fitness.

If you’d to apply (it’s not a commitment or anything), you can do that below