The Best Hot Tub for Manitoba Winters

Some brands claim they are “the one and only” hot tub made for Canadian winters. Folks can claim all they want that they are the best hot tub for Manitoba.

This is outright false information.

There are several reputable brands that make tubs suitable for 4-season use in our extreme Canadian climate.

We carry two of them, but there are others out there, and it would be misleading to suggest we are the only ones with hot tubs suitable for our winters.

Some of the cheaper hot tub brands lack proper insulation and design to withstand our harsh Manitoba winters, so getting something reliable and with a good track record is important.

When you buy from a big box store, auction or tubs imported from China, they may cut corners on production quality and compromise the longevity of the hot tub.

But if you’re buying from a reputable dealer, and it’s a quality product, it should perform fine in winter.

However, some hot tubs do have an edge.

Bullfrog Spas are some of the world’s most energy efficient hot tubs, according to the California Energy Commission.

In fact, they have an “Appliance Efficiency Database” you can use to look up energy efficiency stats: https://cacertappliances.energy.ca.gov/Pages/ApplianceSearch.aspx

If you play around with it for a while, you’ll see Bullfrog comes out quite well versus all the other major brands.

This is mainly because of the JetPak technology that allows for much better pump efficiency, room for more insulation and better retention of heat.

This graphic confirms how the Bullfrog A7L compared against other hot tubs in its class in controlled conditions.

Bullfrog efficiency graph

You can see more about what makes Bullfrog Spas so energy efficient here: https://www.bullfrogspas.com/energy-save/