Best hot tub for people with height differences

One of the struggles we see a lot in the store is couples/families with drastic height differences.

If there’s a 6-12” difference in height in your family, then this article is for you. 

It can be a challenge to find a hot tub that works for everyone in your family, especially if you also want a good massage and therapy for those aching muscles.

When you’re under 5’6, a traditional recliner lounger in a deep hot tub might make you feel like you’re floating or struggling to stay in the seat while trying to stay above water.

And a shallow tub makes the taller person feel like they’re driving a tiny car and leave them more exposed to the elements.

So in most hot tubs on the market, someone has to compromise.

But thankfully there are certain models that will accommodate even extreme height differences without having to sacrifice anyone’s comfort.

And there’s no need for booster seats in most cases.

Finding a hot tub with a variety of seat heights is important for fitting your whole family in there comfortably.

Our #1 most popular hot tub for couples with height differences is the Hydropool Self-Cleaning 695 Platinum.

It features a more upright style lounger pictured below so the shorter folks in your family can still great a soothing back, calf and foot massage and not feel like they’re floating or downing.

It has the “Captain’s Chair” deep seat in the opposite corner for the taller people in your family to get a great back massage and not feel halfway out of the water.

Plus a variety of seat heights throughout the tub make this comfortable for the whole family.

Hydropool 695
Self-Cleaning 695 – 6 Seats

So if you’ve got height differences in your family that make finding a hot tub difficult, you may want to consider the Hydropool 695.

If you’re curious about the Self-Cleaning 695, check out the video walkthrough at the end of this article.

To see more info on the Hydropool Self-Cleaning 695, go here: http://www.myurbanlife.ca/hydropool-self-cleaning-695/