Winnipeg Hot Tub Permits – What You Need to Know in Plain English

One of the main things holding people back from getting a hot tub is figuring out the logistics. This article will give you the easy version of the Winnipeg hot tub permit process.

Most of the time, it’s a problem because you don’t know what to expect, so the mystery of it all becomes overwhelming.

Winnipeg hot tub permits – the plain English version

In Winnipeg, you need a permit to have a hot tub because they contain more than 2’0 of water.

Thankfully the process is easy.

We can assist in the permit process for a hot tub or swim spa and it’s simple.

First, you need a drawing of your property and where you

It does not need to be perfectly to scale or professionally drawn, but it does need to show the distances from the hot tub to the house, to all sides of your property and to the street.

Then all you have to do is use their online portal and submit all your documents and wait for a response here: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/ppd/permits/permits_online.stm

The good news is that they are pretty reasonable if you submit an application – you can usually figure it out with them and they’ll tell you what you need to do differently or clarify.

Do you need a fence around a hot tub in Winnipeg?

This is their official language, and then I’ll interpret for you

“For hot tub/spa installations in a single-family dwelling, the fence requirements may be omitted provided the cover meets the following conditions:

1. The cover is not greater than 2.4 m (94.5”) in diameter or 4.65 m2 (50 sq. ft.) in area*.

2. The cover is lockable to prevent access.

3. The cover can support the weight of an adult in the closed position.”

Plain English version: Good news! All the hot tubs we sell have a locking cover and can support the weight of an adult. 99% of hot tubs are not greater than 94 inches, so you do not have to meet pool fencing requirements for a hot tub.

For official City of Winnipeg documentation on this process, go here: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/ppd/permits/Residential/SwimmingPool.stm

Or follow the pdf here: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/ppd/Documents/Brochures/Pools-and-Hot-Tubs-Spas.pdf