Does a hot tub increase property value?

In this article, we’ll look at why a home with a hot tub could show and sell very well versus a pool.

In many cases, pools actually decrease desire for a home.

People know that pools are higher commitment, higher cost of ownership and limited lifespan.

And there is a major cost for de-installing (tearing down or filling in).

When people look out into the backyard and see a hot tub sitting there, they can instantly imagine themselves in it with their friends, relaxing and having a good time.

It turns what was once a luxurious dream into an affordable reality, and people will pay for that dream.

The advantage of having a hot tub to show is that it can be used as a bargaining tool. If they don’t want it, you can always take it with you (we do move hot tubs between properties as a service).

Or they can easily get rid of it or sell it if they decide they don’t like it.

If they decide they do want it, then you have added value available to you.

To be clear – these are not financial and logical reasons that a home will sell better when it has a hot tub.

There is no clear evidence that it a good financial investment or that a hot tub increases property value guaranteed. But people generally buy based on emotion, imagination and enjoyment.

If they believe they will get their money’s worth in enjoyment, and suddenly hot tub ownership is presented to them, many will accept.

And you can use the extra cash to buy a new one at your new place!