Deckcetera vs Urban Life in Steinbach – What’s the Difference?

Deckcetera sells decking, pergolas, fencing, hot tubs and swim spas in Steinbach, Manitoba.

As of writing this, Deckcetera’s hot tubs and swim spas are made in China and imported overseas. They offer several low cost options to consumers. They do not advertise service and repair of hot tubs.

You can see the Chinese Sunrans hot tubs here: https://sunrans.en.made-in-china.com/

Deckcetera hot tubs carry a two year warranty.

Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs specializes in hot tubs and swim spas in Steinbach and  has been around since 2007 and under its current ownership since 2019.

Urban Life offers DreamMaker, Hydropool and Bullfrog tubs with over 80 different hot tub options. They also service most makes and models of hot tubs with parts and service.

Urban Life’s hot tubs are made in Canada and the USA and carry a typical warranty of 3-5 years on major components

Urban Life offers Hydropool swim spas, which are made and built in Canada: https://www.hydropoolhottubs.com/Catalogs/Hydropool_Catalog/Hydropool_Catalog-Swimspas