Can a swim spa be moved?

Can a swim spa be moved?

Yes, but you may not want to.

When you place a swim spa, it MUST be on a concrete pad because of the size and weight.

And it’s most often placed by a crane or boom truck.

So let’s say you get a swim spa and you move in five years. Can you take it with you? Or if you sell the swim spa to someone, how do you get it out of there?

You can move a swim spa, but there would be some expense.

You’d have to reverse the delivery process.

Generally you’d have to crane it out onto a flat deck truck or boom truck and drive it to the next location and crane it or boom it there.

It’s not a fun process, but if you really want your swim spa and want to take it with you, it can be done.

If you do move, it’s not the worst thing to sell a swim spa with the house.

Unlike a pool, a swim spa or hot tub actually increases your home’s value. Because it might not be something the buyer would go out and purchase, but if it’s all there and set up for them then they already start imagining themselves in it.

If you’re planning to be in your home for a long time, then a swim spa could be the perfect long-term upgrade for year-round swimming, family fun and fitness.