Above Ground Pools

First things first, we are NOT the cheapest above ground pools in Manitoba. People who are looking for the absolute lowest price possible are not usually a good fit.

We're more in high end, long-term products that will last.

We carry two brands of above-ground pool.

Insulated Above Ground Pools


First is the Radiant insulated pool. Because of the insulated walls the pool can retain much of its heat and keep it a more comfortable temperature during more months of the year.

In fact, Radiant can keep pools up to 5-7 F warmer using just the warmth of the sun than any other pool!

They also have an upgraded design, which looks a little more finished than most above ground pools.

You can find out more about Radiant here: https://radiantpools.com/why-radiant

Radiant comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common are round and oval though. You can see some more options here: https://www.radiantpools.com/pools/metric-new

For budget you’re looking at anywhere between $13-30k the including everything needed for a running pool.


Premium Above Ground Pools

We also carry the Trevi Eclipse, which is a resin pool. It is not insulated, but is sturdier than most above-ground pools and will not rust or corrode.

The Trevi Eclipse only comes in round or oval shapes anywhere from 15’ round all the way up to 30’ round and price is anywhere from $6-11k including all parts of the pool and equipment.

Ovals are anywhere from $9-14k and range in size from 12x18 to 18x33.