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The widest selection of hot tubs in Manitoba — Explore Below

What Makes Bullfrog Spas So Special?

In-Stock and Available

We have a wide variety in stock and available soon. Bullfrog has some of the fastest lead times in the industry right now.

While most manufacturers are six months, nine months, or even a year out, we can get almost any model within 2 months if we don't already have it!

Up to 90% Less Plumbing

With their patented JetPak technology, Bullfrog Spas use up to 90% less plumbing than a standard hot tub meaning...

  • Fewer leak points that can cause costly repairs
  • Less risk of freezing in our harsh Manitoba climate
  • Better pump efficiency for more massage power going straight to your aching muscles
Conventional Hot Tub Plumbing
Conventional Hot Tub Plumbing
Bullfrog Spa Plumbing
Bullfrog Spa Plumbing
Bullfrog efficiency graph

Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs On the Market

This isn't just sales bragging or telling a story about why Bullfrog has the best insulation. It's scientific fact.

In an independent study by the California Energy Commission, Bullfrog Spas came out as THE most energy efficient hot tub you can get.

They have no problem keeping up in our harsh Manitoba winters.

Fully Customizable

Bullfrog's patented JetPak technology allows you to select the exact type of massage you want.

They can be swapped and moved around within the unit so people of different heights can enjoy the massage they want in the seat they want.

Each JetPak can be dialled up or down in pressure for complete personal therapy experience.

Bullfrog boasts 29 different models of hot tubs, making them the widest selection of sizes and layouts available in Manitoba. We'll have something to fit most budgets.

Illustration of Bullfrog Spas UniSystem

Durable Construction for the Harshest Conditions - 15-20 year life span

It's no secret we have rough winters in Manitoba, and you need a hot tub that can keep up.

Bullfrog Spas have an extremely low leak rate, since a large part of their production process is automated.

Because they are made in North America, Bullfrog Spas have tight quality control processes to make them the most reliable hot tubs on the market, often lasting for 15-20 years!

They also feature ABS base and frame which on many models carries a LIFETIME warranty. It will never rot or corrode like metal or wood.

Industry Leading Warranty Hot Tubs

It would be surprising and rare to find a hot tub with a better warranty than Bullfrog. They are industry leaders in backing their product.

We are a local dealer in Steinbach and service all of Southern Manitoba including Steinbach, South East Manitoba, Kenora and Winnipeg areas.

Depending on which series you select, many tubs feature LIFETIME warranty on the frame.

Up to 10 years on the shell structure (most are 5-7)

Up to 7 years on the shell surface (most are 5)

5 years on all the pumps, JetPaks, cabinet and other equipment (most are 1-3 years MAX)

3 years on the cover (most are 1 year)

The Urban Life Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Bullfrog hot tub within 30 days of delivery, we will come pick it up at no cost - you can switch to a different model or get a full refund.
That's how much we believe in these hot tubs (although some conditions apply, like you can't totally trash the tub and it must be paid in full).

Bullfrog R Series Hot Tubs - Affordable Luxury

Bullfrog R5L - Seats 3
Starting at $12,999
or $51 bi-weekly
Bullfrog R6L - Seats 6
Starting at $15,349
or $64 bi-weekly
Bullfrog R6 - Seats 7
Starting at $15,349
or $64 bi-weekly
Bullfrog R7L - Seats 6
Bullfrog R7 - Seats 8
Starting at $16,799
or $73 bi-weekly
Bullfrog R8L - Seats 7
Starting at $20,099
or $92 bi-weekly
Bullfrog R8 - Seats 8
Starting at $20,099
or $92 bi-weekly

Bullfrog A Series Hot Tubs - Premium Luxury

Bullfrog A5L - Seats 3
Starting at $15,999
or $68 bi-weekly
Bullfrog A6L - Seats 5
Bullfrog A6 - Seats 7
Starting at $18, 549
or $83 bi-weekly
Bullfrog A7L - Seats 6
Starting at $20,495
or $95 bi-weekly
Bullfrog A7 - Seats 8
Starting at $20,495
or $95 bi-weekly
Bullfrog A8D - Seats 6
Starting at $22,799
or $108 bi-weekly
Bullfrog A8L - Seats 7
Starting at $23,299
Bullfrog A8 - Seats 8
Starting at $23,299
Bullfrog A9L - Seats 8
Starting at $25,749

Bullfrog X Series Hot Tubs - Great Value & Energy Efficiency

Bullfrog X8 - Seats 8
Bullfrog X8L - Seats 7
Bullfrog X7 - Seats 8
Bullfrog X7L - Seats 6
Bullfrog X6R
Bullfrog X6R - Seats 5
Bullfrog X6L - Seats 6
Bullfrog X5L

Bullfrog M Series Hot Tubs - The Best of the Best

Bullfrog M6
Bullfrog M7 -Seats 7-8 -
Starting at $25, 499
or $124 bi-weekly
Bullfrog M8 - Seats 8
Starting at $27, 249
or $134 bi-weekly
Bullfrog M9 - Seats 10
Starting at $32, 499
or $165 bi-weekly

Bullfrog STIL Series Hot Tubs - Sleek & Modern, Totally Unique

Bullfrog STIL 5 - Seats 4
Starting at $19,499
or $89 bi-weekly
Bullfrog STIL 7 - Seats 6
Starting at $21,349
or 100 bi-weekly

Payment Plans Available

Local Delivery Included in the Price

Local After Sales Support

Payment plan amounts based on $5000 down, 180 month term and current interest rates subject to change (open loans can be paid off at any time without penalty)