Bullfrog R6L

Bullfrog R6L

Relax in tranquility with this cozy hot tub, ideal for couples, singles, and small families. The R6L features 3 personalized JetPaks, calf and foot jets, and a bent-knee lounge to provide you with the optimal hot tub experience.

Bullfrog R6L

CAPACITY: 6 adults
DIMENSIONS: 6’8″ (2.03m) x 7’4″ (2.24m) x 34″ (.86m)

On Sale For

$19, 630

$15, 349

Bullfrog Spas are not the cheapest hot tubs today, but they will cost the least over the next 20 years versus any other brand

Starting at...

$64 Bi-Weekly

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The Bullfrog R6L is only found locally at Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs in Steinbach, Manitoba.

Payment plan amounts based on $5000 down, 180 month term (open loans can be paid off at any time without penalty)