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Can a swim spa be moved?

Can a swim spa be moved? Yes, but you may not want to. When you place a swim spa, it MUST be on a concrete pad because of the size and weight. And it’s most often placed by a crane or boom truck. So let’s say you get a swim spa and you move in […]

How are Swim Spas Heated?

If swim spas can run all year, how are they heated? If you compare swim spas with pools, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when comparing heating options. Most pools require an external heat source like natural gas, propane or an electric heat pump (which costs thousands to buy and hundreds of dollars to run even […]

How hot do swim spas get?

One question that comes up a lot when people are looking at swim spas is “How hot do swim spas get?” The answer, like most things is…it depends. But here’s a handy article on that very topic: https://www.hydropoolhottubs.com/en/About_Us/Blog/2018/December/how-hot-do-swim-spas-get Also, just a heads up that we are having a big sale next week. All swim spas are […]