Current Swim Spa Availability

Hydropool 13FFP AquaPlay - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Hydropool 12FFP


AquaPlay 13FFP

Weight Full 18445 lbs / 8369 kg
Weight Empty 2532 lbs / 1149 kg
Shell Length 150" / 381 cm
Shell Width 93" / 236 cm
Shell Height 52"
Volume 1229 US gallons / 4670 L
Seating 9 Hydrotherapy Seats

This unit is perfect for affordable family fun from $116 bi-weekly. This unit is NOT meant for lap-swimming, but more for relaxation, family fun and light exercise. Comes with fountains and lighting included.

Hydropool 17AX AquaTrainer - Running Floor Model with fountain and light package (special deal $5k off!)

Hydropool 17AX AquaTrainer


AquaTrainer 17 AX

Weight Full 22990 lbs / 10431 kg
Weight Empty 2890 lbs / 1311 kg
Shell Length 210 Inches / 533 cm
Shell Width 93 Inches / 236 cm
Shell Height 53 Inches / 134 cm
Volume 2400 US Gal / 9120 L
Seating 4 Hydrotherapy Seats

Ultra-powered for anyone intending to lap swim. You won't outswim this model. The size and shape make it perfect for bigger families to play and relax in and makes the ultimate water feature in your backyard. From $248 bi-weekly.

Hydropool 14AX AquaTrainer with upgraded lights/fountains - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Hydropool 14AX AquaTrainer


AquaTrainer 14 AX

Weight Full 18445 lbs / 8369 kg
Weight Empty 2532 lbs / 1149 kg
Shell Length 174 Inches / 442 cm
Shell Width 93 Inches / 236 cm
Shell Height 53 Inches / 134 cm
Volume 1900 US Gal / 7220 L
Seating 4 Hydrotherapy Seats

Great for family fun, relaxing and improved lap swimming over the Sport model. Not recommended for anyone over 6' tall intending to lap swim. Nice and compact at a decent price point starting at $214 bi-weekly

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