Skip the Hot Tub Expo

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Hot Tub "Expos" are designed to separate you from your money, not help you find the best hot tub for you

🤔 Here are 5 things to ask when going to a hot tub expo… 🤔
1 Ask who is putting on this event?
2 Is it really 5 brands or is it just one?
3 Are the salespeople here looking out for my best interest, or are they hardcore sales closers brought in to get the cash by any means necessary and then leave town?
4 Are these people going to support me for the next 20 years?
5 Are these "deals" real or are they just trying to add pressure?
Then look up who has the LOWEST reviews of all the major Manitoba hot tub retailers and you might have some clues 🤔
Not going to tell you what to do, but never be pressured into a quick sale.
If you're willing to give us a shot to earn your business, our pledge to you is…
• We won't apply fake pressure to make a quick buck
• No goofy sales tactics to make you feel taken advantage of
• We will help you find the right hot tub, even if it means NOT buying from us
• Honest pricing without games
And we will be here to support you after the fact.