Your Perfect Hot Tub - 2-3 Seats

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We carry two lines from Hydropool - Serenity and Self-Cleaning.

The Serenity is a very good tub, definitely an upgrade from some of the cheap-o models and a great value for the money and what you get. For your situation I'd probably look at the 4300 because it's on the smaller side.

The Self-Cleaning is more luxurious with an upgraded cabinet, ice bucket, pressurized filter system and of course, self-cleaning technology. 

For self-cleans I'd look at the 395 or 495 to start with.

You can see all the available hot tubs here: http://myurbanlife.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/HPBrochure.pdf

Self-Cleaning 395 - 3 Seats
Self-Cleaning 495 - 4 Seats
Serenity 4300 - 3 Seats

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