Your Perfect Hot Tub - 2-3 Seats

Here's Why We Selected These Tubs For You

Here are your personalized results from our hot tub selection tool. You can tap each model below to get more info on pricing, size and features.

We carry two lines from Hydropool - Serenity and Self-Cleaning.

The Serenity is a very good tub, definitely an upgrade from some of the cheap-o models and a great value for the money and what you get. For your situation I'd probably look at the 4300 because it's on the smaller side.

The Self-Cleaning is more luxurious with an upgraded cabinet, ice bucket, pressurized filter system and of course, self-cleaning technology. 

For self-cleans I'd look at the 379 or 495 to start with

Signature Self-Cleaning 379 - 3 Seats
Self-Cleaning 495 - 4 Seats
Serenity 4300 - 3 Seats