Your Perfect Hot Tub - 4-6 Seats

You can tap each model below to get more info on pricing, size and features.

We carry two main brands, Hydropool and Bullfrog.


We carry a Canadian-made brand called Hydropool.

With Hydropool there are two lines - Serenity and Self-Cleaning.

The Serenity is a very good tub, definitely an upgrade from some of the cheap-o models and a great value for the money and what you get. 

For your situation I'd probably look at the Serenity 6800 because it is a decent size and have some nice features without breaking the bank.

The Self-Cleaning is more luxurious with an upgraded cabinet, ice bucket, pressurized filter system and of course, self-cleaning technology.

For self-cleans I'd look at the 655 Gold or 679 Gold.

Serenity 6800
Signature Self-Cleaning 655 - 6 Seats
Hydropool Signature Self-Cleaning 679


On the Bullfrog side - the X series is designed to compete and outperform on features and price with anything out there.

You might want to consider the Bullfrog X7

Bullfrog X7