Hot Tubs

If you've been shopping around for a hot tub in Manitoba, there are a lot of different options. It can be overwhelming, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

But some hot tubs are made better than others and some come with a level of luxury and quality that can't be matched.

We are proud to carry THREE brands that are completely unique in the Winnipeg/Manitoba area - Hydropool,  Bullfrog and DreamMaker

Explore our hot tub collections below

Made in Canada

The world's only Self-Cleaning hot tubs

Industry-leading insulation technology

Easy to repair and maintain

Unmatched quality and workmanship

The world's most premium luxury hot tubs

Use 90% less plumbing than other hot tubs - fewer leaks

Unique Jet-Pak technology for a customized massage

Plug & Play 115V OR 240V hybrid hot tub

Budget-friendly, affordable luxury

Simple to own and operate

Durable and rugged

Helpful Hot Tub Advice

What’s a good warranty on a hot tub in Manitoba?


One of the big questions we get about hot tubs is what to expect for warranty on a new hot tub. This is a great question because when you pay for a premium tub, you want to be sure you’re going to enjoy it worry-free for years to come. So here’s a breakdown of what […]

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Don’t fall for these hot tub sales tactics


If you’ve been shopping around for a hot tub in Manitoba, you’ll see a lot of different sales tactics out there. But let me be real about hot tub pricing for a second. There are all kinds of goofy sales tactics I could use like a lot of the other folks out there. Stuff like […]

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Hot Tub Freezing Prevention in Manitoba


If you have any questions or concerns about your hot tub during the cold winter months, please call the store at 204-320-2525 or email us at service@myurbanlife.ca At this moment we do not have a 24/7 emergency service line. However, by following this simple guide, you can prevent major damage until we can do repairs. […]

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What Does a Quality Hot Tub Cost in Manitoba?


We get it. Shopping for a hot tub in Manitoba can be daunting. The 5-6 person tub at the big box store is $5k. Somewhere else a tub is $10k. Another place is $15k. What’s the difference? Here’s the real deal. For a QUALITY tub, you’re looking at least $8-12k. Meaning, one that will last […]

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