Hydropool SE-5L Plug & Play/240V Hybrid

Hydropool Serenity 5L

This is the Hydropool SE-5L — 120V Plug & Play hot tub. Works in any outlet for maximum flexibility

OR convertible to 240v for 4-season use.


Classic SE5L

Weight Full 3176 lbs / 1441 kg
Weight Empty 585 lbs / 265 kg
Shell Length 79.5" x 202cm
Shell Width 79.5" x 202cm
Shell Height 36" / 91cm
Volume 309 gallons/ 1176 L
Seating 4-5

Only one left! On sale for $8995

Check out a video tour of the Hydropool SE-5L

The Hydropool SE-5L is only found locally at Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs in Steinbach, Manitoba.