Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

We are very particular about what we'll fix up and sell, so all of our pre-owned tubs are of high quality. We typically fix any leaks, replace pumps if needed and put new systems in them to get more longevity out of the tub.

We also thoroughly test them to make sure they are operating properly before sending them out the door.

That's why we include a 3-month guarantee with our pre-owned tubs - if it leaks or the main components like the pump or heater fail in the first three months, we'll fix it at no cost to you.

There are some exceptions on "as-is" tubs, but we will always be clear and upfront about that with you.

Sorry, no pre-owned tubs are available right now. If you'd like to get on the announcement list to get first dibs on our next one, email sales@myurbanlife.ca and we'll add you to the pre-owned tubs list