Water Care

Urban Life  has been offering expert advice on hot tub and pool water care in the Steinbach area for 15+ years.

We have a full water lab for testing pool and spa samples to give you more specific and personalized advice. This is a free service available to all.

As far as we know, nobody else in Steinbach offers this service.

We are proud to offer the best water care chemicals available for pools and hot tubs.

We are a Mursatt dealer, which is a Canadian supplier of high quality pool and spa chemicals.

Even if you're using a different brand now, we can get you set up with similar or superior products.

They are not the cheapest but they are the best and will keep your water sparkling clear in the long run.

We are fully stocked at all times (except for the rare occasion when we may run out of something temporarily).

We are also a Spa Marvel dealer.

Spa Marvel is an all natural enzyme water conditioner that removes the organic material that bacteria feeds on.

This makes it harder for bacteria to survive in the water.

You end up using far less chemical and sanitizers like chlorine and it helps eliminate foamy water.

Many of our customers (and us here too at Urban Life) have reported great water quality and less maintenance overall using the Spa Marvel product.

We use this product at home and love it. If it's good enough for our hot tub, it's good enough for yours.

They also offer an unconditional guarantee - so that if for any reason you're not happy with it, you can return it for a full refund.